Want to add an extra dimension to your interior?

Do you love a beautiful interior, just like me and would you like to show more of yourself in your interior? Then this site might be something for you! A beautifully integrated painting adds an extra dimension to your interior and gives a personal atmosphere to the room.

Is your answer positive for one of the following questions?

  • You want to decorate your living room or working spaces according to your personal taste?
  • Together with your interior designer or interior designer, you are designing your unique dream interior?
  • You have a nice interior, but you want to personalize it a bit more. At this moment, your living room or working space does not yet fully reflect your vision?

Perhaps one of my original abstract paintings is just what you are looking for?

On this site and blog I tell you more about myself and my painting adventures. Here you can view my paintings that you can integrate nicely into a contemporary interior. So visit my site regularly to get ideas for a dash of art in your interior or just to enjoy the paintings. Or better yet …

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